Ollie and the bird nest

Ollie is a Treeing Walker Coonhound and he is ALL hound so you can guess what he does when he sees a bird nest. This morning at 6:30am, he spied one. The mama bird was flying back and forth from the roof of the house to the bird nest. Baby birds have to eat breakfast too, right? I could hear the baby birds chirping and I know Ollie could. I'm not sure if they were chirping because they were hungry and waiting on mama or if it was because of Ollie. He was mesmerized and I'm sure he wished he had springs in his feet so he could reach the nest. When I'd first let the dogs out this morning, he didn't have his "barker" collar on but once he spied the nest, I had to put it on him. It is on a low setting and he gets a warning sound first before it goes off. He has been trained on it and he's a smart guy. He knows not to bark and when it is on, he doesn't. Ollie spent the better part of the morning (and I was there for over an hour), staring at the bird nest.

While Ollie was fixated on the bird nest, I took some pictures of Sunny and Fozzy. Sunny is always great for photo opps. If he had to choose a career to earn a living, I think male model would be a good choice from him. I'm just saying. Can you disagree? Look at that handsome face!!

Ollie mesmorized by the bird nest

bird nest

Sunny doesn't care about no bird nest

such a pretty guy

Sunny could earn a living getting his picture taken

I call her Fozzy Wozzie Bear.  Her she is running through the yard.