This Pet Photographer and a little girl named Joey

Recently I had the pleasure of photographing Joey, a 6 year old rat terrier. I know her owners and I was so happy when we scheduled our session. We had a conversation prior to the session so I could learn a little bit about Miss Josephine and they even sent me a picture of her beforehand. This was my first photo session as a pet photographer with a dog I'd not met before. All of my prior sessions have been with dog walking or pet sitting clients so thank you to Joey for being a such a great model. Joey was a bit shy and nervous at first. We started our session inside where Joey's mom works and there were a lot of interesting things to smell in there so we just let her wander around and I snapped a few photos. With dogs who are a little shy for whatever reason (meeting new people, a little intimidated by the camera or whatever), I just take it very slowly. I have all the patience in the world when it comes to pet photography, perhaps because I love doing it so much. I always communicate with the parents so they know that we'll move things along at whatever pace the dog dictates.

This was my first inside portrait session so thanks again to Joey and her parents for helping me gain some inside portraiture experience. We started out inside and then when we took the fun outside, Joey seemed to be in her element. She just posed and posed and then she posed some more. I would've thought she'd been doing this for years. Joey was a great model and I so enjoyed taking these images of her. Do you have a favorite? So far in my pet photography experience, I've had a hard time picking one favorite out of a photo shoot. In this session, I have three favorites.

My photo session with Joey last about an hour on a Sunday morning recently. If you've got an hour or so to spare and you'd like to have professional photos of your pup like these, just let me know. This pet photographer would be honored to provide them for you.

Joey and her human parents Pet Photography Charlotte

Pet Photography Charlotte Pet Photography Charlotte
Pet Photography Charlotte Pet Photography Charlotte