Project 52 - week 20: Colorful

This week our theme is colorful. Should be an easy and fun theme, huh? Before I describe my week, I will commit now to circling back around to this one very soon and trying again. One of the goals in participating in this 52 week pet photography challenge is to be out there photographing every week. With my schedule and full time dog walking & pet sitting job, it is easy for me to leave my camera in my camera bag for days. I am sure that is probably the case for a lot of us.

However, one of my personal reasons for participating is to learn. I want to learn more about photography any and every chance I get. What I didn't necessarily expect to get out of this, was to learn about myself. But I have. I have learned that I shouldn't procrastinate and today Thursday 5/19 is a good reminder. This blog post with its colorful images will go live Friday morning. Waiting until Thursday to plan to take the photos I'm going to use and then I wake up to rain is a problem since I only shoot outdoors. As I am typing this, I am wondering should I try for colorful photos inside my house? Should I wait and see if the rain clears out and try to get some photos later today or tonight? That is the question. Keep reading and you'll find out because as I'm typing this right now, I'm not sure of the answer. Ha!

I did actually do some research for this theme this past Saturday. On my giant and ever growing "To Do" list is finding new locations for photo sessions so as I was out scouting around, I found a really great colorful wall of graffiti. The problem is when I found it, it was about 1pm in the afternoon and even if I did want to take photos then, I had no four legged furry friend with me. I do have a cell phone photo of the wall (and I may just post it so you can see it and I can prove that I really was trying to find a colorful location.) I am committing to getting a dog in front of that wall soon. When I do, I will post the photos so be sure to check back.

In looking through my archive photos, I don't have a lot that I would really call colorful. I love colorful though. Think Dog Breath Photography (go to her site if you don't know it and you will see lots of color!) Recently I saw a photo of a dog in a field of tulips. It was amazing and seriously brought tears to my eyes when I looked at it. (I am a sap but photography does that to me. Really.) I plan to add more colorful images to my portfolio.

The rain did not let up so here are a few somewhat colorful images from a photo shoot of mine 3 weeks ago. This is Fisher and he deserves his own blog post which I plan to do so consider this a sneak peek.

Fisher and colorful flowers

colorful sunset

golden retriever puppy

I love my job! I can't believe this is my job!!

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