Project 52 - week 21: Leading Lines

For our week 21 challenge, we are to create images with leading lines. The author of the book we are using says that "the eye will follow a line." In the first image below, the lines are really obvious and they are leading you to the subject. Her name is Delilah and she lasted up on this bench for about 10 seconds which may have something to do with the look in her eyes. :) She jumped off and got the zoomies right after I snapped this. She was a good sport though and I appreciate her helping me this week.  I snapped a few more of photos of Delilah and her half sister Lucca while they were on the deck.  Do you think the lines add anything to the last two images?  Would it look much different if they were standing on their driveway with no lines beneath them?  I so appreciate these weekly exercises as they make me ask myself these types of questions.  Forever learning about photography.... :) leading lines

leading lines cockapoo Lucca

I was hoping to take some photographs this week with images of more implied lines but unfortunately I didn't get a chance. As I was driving through the Virginia countryside this past weekend I saw a train track below me leading into a forest of dense trees. Our challenge to use leading lines this week popped into my head because when I think of leading lines I think of a curved path similar to those train tracks.

I also have a vision in my head of a photograph I want to take.  It is of my husband and his dog (our dog :) ) Willow walking away from me down a path. There is something about watching the two of them when they're on a walk that just makes me happy. Willow is my dog that doesn't like any sound my camera makes so this type of photo would be a good one to take of her. I need to add that photo to my list of photos I plan to take (because I have not forgotten about taking a photo of a dog in front of the graffiti wall I found while researching last week's challenge colorful.) School will be out soon and my two favorite photography assistants will be available to help me. Hopefully then I can start to cross some of these photos on my "to do" list off the list. Yay summer!

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