Frodo and Twig

To say I had a great time at this photo session with Frodo and Twig and their parents is an understatement. It all started with an email a few weeks ago from their dad who wanted to schedule a session with their 14 year old dog Frodo. He suggested a location that I've wanted to try for a long time. It's about 30 minutes from my house and it was sooo worth the drive. I want to go back to this park soon and do some sunset photos. Anybody game? Frodo's mom and dad, Monica and Brent decided to bring along their rescued dingo, Twig. In these photos, Twig is on leash the entire time (and I edited it out through the magic of Photoshop. :) ) We started the session on a road flanked by trees. It was just beautiful and actually a setting I have been wanting to find because it reminds me of a photo shoot we did in Spain. Reason #1 I can thank Monica and Brent for suggesting this park. It was perfect.

Frodo, the westie West Highland White Terrier Frodo Twig, Frodo and their dad

I find that I want to use the term "rock star" a lot after my photography sessions and I'm going to now. Frodo was a ROCK STAR. He's 14 but you'd never know it! He had so much personality and energy, he's a testament to the great care he gets from his mom and dad. They are both veterinarians. My focus for the session was to concentrate on the dogs but the photo above of the 3 of them just gets me ever time I see it. I love this photo.

We snapped a few photos at the old cabin. I'd love to go on the tour of this park and learn about its history. I would love the know this building's story and know more about who spent time here.

photos at the cabin DSC_4183wm

These next photos might be my favorite from the day. I loved the trees (if you've read my previous blog posts, you know I have a love/hate relationship with trees.) I'll say it again, I loved the trees. ha! The setting was just beautiful.

Frodo and his mom

By this time, Twig was fairly fired up by the other dogs and horses that were around. Yes, there are horses!! He was highly interested in them and wanted to go zooming around. He did and what do you know? Frodo got a burst of energy and started chasing Twig around. It was hilarious and I was able to capture their spontaneity.

Twig, the dingoFrodo chasing Twig

Which photo is your favorite? I love it when that's a hard decision to make!