See Spot Run logo

I have a new See Spot Run logo!!!!! My website has just been updated and I think it definitely fits with See Spot Run. :) I hadn't planned on changing logos. I've been focused on creating BARKography's new logo and website so here is how the new See Spot Run logo came to be. A fellow BARKelonian (the dog photography workshop I attended in April) recommended a site to me: Essentially you can go on the site and create a contest and graphic artists from around the world will submit their logo ideas to you based upon a few documents that you complete. Initially I thought I wanted to use Moose as the muse but everything created using him looked like clip art to me.

I had over 200 designs submitted to me. I had a blast logging onto the site to see the new submissions for the 3 days my contest lasted. I narrowed my search down to three designs and two of them were by the same artist. When the '5 dog logo' was submitted to me, I instantly loved it but it wasn't at all what I had envisioned. After a few emails back and forth with the artist, he made a few changes and the BARKography logo was complete.

BARKography logo

However, I kept coming back to the other one he'd created. It was of a dog jumping.... or running. Then it clicked. See Spot Run. A dog running and that's how I ended up with two new logos!


Btw, with, you only pay a fee if you choose a logo. If your contest ends and you don't choose a logo, you don't pay anything. As I said earlier, I had a blast doing it and I ended up with 2 logos I love! What do you think?