Pet Photography Project 52: week 29: Reflections

For anyone who is wondering... you are on the right site and this blog post is about reflections! I have a new logo and I'm in the process of making some tweaks to my website. :) I wrote about that on my last post because I wasn't planning on getting a new logo for See Spot Run so there is definitely a story behind the new one. Back to week 29 and project 52. Some time ago, I took a few photos of dog I was walking because his ears were throwing these great shadows on the ground. (The dog's ears are great!) I don't love those images though so I wanted to try and recreate something similar for this week. However my attempts this week didn't turn out so great either.

My first attempt was at midday and the sun was directly overhead so the shadow was pretty much directly under the dog. My 2nd attempt was around 7pm later that same day with my choc lab Moose (remember him?) Well it was a blazing 100° outside so we weren't out for very long. Moose couldn't figure out that I wanted him to stand still and we were both hot so I gave up after just a few attempts. Now that I've read the assignment for next week.... looks like I'll be trying this again and I hope I have someone else who can hold the leash! That will help a lot!! BTW - now every time I get my camera out, Moose thinks he is either going for a walk or a ride in the car. He's been used a lot lately as my model! Poor guy - he doesn't get to go EVERY time. :)

While editing this photo from a session this week, I noticed the reflection in Murphy's eyes. If you're on your phone and can zoom in, you can see me, the white garage to the right and the trees behind us.


This is another one of those assignments that I'd like to try again. This is what I'd like to create: an image of a dog standing near water and seeing his reflection in the water. Next up in the blog circle is Cahlean of About A Dog Photography in St. Cloud MN.  See ya'll next week!