Project 52, week 27: Sky

For our Pet Photography Project 52 week 27, we are taking a break from the book and we have a freestyle theme, sky. Most of you know that my regular job is as a dog walker and pet sitter.  Most days in the summer time, I am pet sitting 7 days & nights / week while my clients vacation. That means I am working during sunrise and sunset and since I've started this dog photography thing, I drive around at dawn and dusk and dream of being in a great location with a dog so I can photograph him. This week with our theme being sky, I decided to make certain that I got a dog in front of a sunrise or sunset. My other challenge with trying to do sunrise, sunset or photography when the focus is supposed to be the sky is finding a location. Charlotte NC is beautiful and a great place to live, AND it is full of trees. Those trees make it difficult to find places where there is a lot of open sky. However I am pet sitting with Ursa again this week and while out walking her I discovered a large, steep hill. Does anyone else do this?? Please tell me I'm not the only one because I immediately thought, "That spot would be a nice place to put a dog for a photograph!"

The night we did this quick session with Jack we were really lucky because there was a breeze so it didn't feel like it was 100°. However even with the breeze, Jack was warm but at 12 years old I think he did great! I do think he was happy to be back in the car in the a/c though!

project 52 week 27 sky


I had an opportunity with Ursa the next morning to take a few photos of her too.

the sky at sunrise

On those days when I don't have my camera with me, every time I see a great sunrise or sunset I get a pit in my stomach and I yearn to be out with my camera and a dog. Perhaps I am a little obsessed. :)

Remember this is a blog circle and next up is Little White Dog Pet Photography - Sioux Falls, SD. If you continue clicking the links at the bottom of each post, you'll end up right back here. I'm excited to see everyone else's sky shots.