Project 52, week 30: Quality of Light

Quality of light is our topic for week 30 of our Pet Photography Project 52 challenge. As we have over the last 2 weeks, we were supposed to pay attention to the direction of light as well as whether or not the light was shining through our subject or on our subject and we were to access the intensity of the light. I am afraid this particular assignment would have been a better suited for cooler weather. Temps have been hot (95+) and humid in Charlotte. My full time job is working as a dog walker so I am out in the heat every day from 9am-3pm-ish. This past week when I've not been outside walking dogs, I've opted to be inside in the a/c.  The fact that this week we are discussing the quality of light seems rather ironic since I was shooting in lighting conditions I've never shot in before and there wasn't much to assess. The conditions were poor but I made the best of it and I had a blast!! On Saturday, I volunteered for 4 hours for the Humane Society of Charlotte at the Mega 500 Adopt-a-thon. I was the photographer at the "Finish Line." I took photos of each adopted dog or cat and their new family so they'd have their first family photo. It was pretty easy for me to assess the light. I can sum it up in one word: poor.

Thankfully we were indoors in the a/c. Not so thankfully, we were indoors... the quality of light inside the building wasn't great for photography.

True story - I'd filled out an application to volunteer at the Humane Society of Charlotte a week ago and I received a response back on Friday afternoon. I replied back to the email asking if they ever needed a photographer. I got an immediate response back asking if I was available on Saturday (the next day!) I was, so I volunteered.

Now, mind you, I am not an indoor photographer. I do have an external flash for my camera but I rarely use it. I figured if they didn't have me they'd be using their cell phones and I was pretty sure I could do better than their phones.

I met some wonderful people and a dog I wanted to adopt. I did not adopt the dog but I keep thinking about him. My husband even asked me tonight if we could trade our brown dog for the dog I met on Saturday. (He was teasing but crazy Moose has been a bit challenging the last few days. Perhaps this dog walker needs to hire a dog walker for Moose! :) ) To see all of the photos from Saturday. go to the BARKography facebook page: click here to see all the dogs and cats that were adopted. 

Here is a sneak peek.

quality of light



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