Hiring a Dog Walker

So you need to hire a dog walker? Here are a few things I’d do if I were you:

hiring a dog walker in 28210
  1. Find someone who lives near you

  2. Meet with them and have a list of questions to ask them like: what’s your backup plan if for some reason you can’t make it to my house when you’re supposed to be there? (This is part of the reason why #1 exists!) How long have you been doing this? Will you be the only dog walker or will someone else periodically do it? What happens when you go on vacation?

  3. Ask for references. Actually call or email them and check the person out. Ask questions like: how long has she been your walker? Are you happy with her? What are her best qualities? Is there anything she doesn’t do that you wished she did?

  4. Make certain your pet likes the person.

  5. If you have a pet that has some quirks, be honest with the dog walker about them.

  6. Let the walker know what you expect: a 30 minute power walk or a 20 minute visit just hanging out and doing whatever the dog wants: walk, play, explore the yard, etc.

Get to know your walker. We will appreciate it. Give them feedback - we love that too. :)