Dog running with Buddy and the squirrel we spooked

Buddy surprises me all the time.  He's still pretty timid around other dogs and people.  We've been working on this for awhile with him (for those who don't know, we rescued Buddy at the age of 9 back in December 2008.)  So, this morning we've just started our run and we're coming up on a large tree on our left.  Buddy is on my left.  I didn't see the squirrel, Buddy didn't see the squirrel and I'm thinking the squirrel didn't see us until we were right by the tree.  The squirrel takes off right in front of us and Buddy darts after the squirrel.  The squirrel runs in front of us so as Buddy goes after the squirrel, he runs to his right which is right in front of me.  Luckily this was early in our run and my legs weren't tired yet.  I was able to dodge Buddy and avoid a collision with him but I was SO proud of him for actually being interested in the squirrel and not cowering.  That is improvement!!  Yea Buddy!!