Ruby, the pet sitter and no a/c

Ruby was doing fine this morning considering the a/c wasn't working.  She was panting and I think she was bored last night because she shredded the potty pad I left for her in the kitchen.  I tried flipping the breaker switch for the a/c and grabbed her and we went for a walk.  I was hoping the house would start to cool off while we were gone.  She was good on the walk but a little anxious whenever she saw anyone or heard any noise.  She didn't pee or poop. When we got back in, I fed her and she ate almost all of her breakfast.  By the time I'd left, she had eaten it all.  I didn't play with her on this visit.  It was so hot in there I didn't want her running and getting any hotter.  She peed and pooped on the potty pad.