Dog sitting with Daisy, Ollie and Hadley

Hadley is a ham and I must say his feet are looking fairly clean in this picture.  They werent earlier :) Ollie is pretending to look pitiful so I will pay attention to him!

Daisy is looking at me like it is time for night night.

We had a good night.  Ollie started out sleeping with me and Hadley wanted to jump up too but he was hesitant.  I'm guessing the bed is Ollie's territory.  Hadley slept in the doorway before going downstairs (I think on the couch based upon how it looked this morning!)  Ollie jumped down on the floor at one point and slept there the rest of the night.  He was my alarm clock this morning though and was pretty funny when he jumped up on the bed.

Everyone went outside and took care of their business this morning and then they all ate their breakfast.