Pet sitting with Daisy, Ollie & Hadley

All the dogs are doing just fine.  Daisy is rearranging her pillow in her crate as I type this or at least I think that is what she is doing.  I didn't see a light switch in here so the only light I'm using is the computer screen.  On my first visit, I was surprised when I wasn't greeted at the door.  Then it occurred to me that they were outside.  Well, it had rained hard around 5pm and that put me a little behind schedule.  It was the typical afternoon showers so I waited to do my dog walking until it stopped.  Wow, what a mess Hadley was (and actually still is.)  I had some "paw towels" in my car so I brought 3 of them in.  These are bath sized towels.  Two of them didn't get him even close to being clean.  I'm afraid he is going to need a bath when you get home.  Luckily for me, he was totally fine with me rubbing him down. 

Everyone was very excited to be given their dinner and as you said, they all ate it right up.  I stayed for a little over an hour on my first visit.  I was in between pet sitting visits so I just hung out here.

Tonight everyone has been outside a couple of times.  Daisy has walked out on her own.  I'm assuming she's pretty much in bed for the night unless when I get up, she follows me.  I'm reading a book that I should finish in a couple of hours so that is my plan for the rest of the night.  All of the dogs seem to be ready for night-night too.