Dog and Cat Sitting on Sun 11/29

Gaylord & Finny - They were happy to see me this morning and I'll be going over to see them again soon.  I've been spending time on your porch swing while the boys hang out in the yard.  I've finished 1 book - I will start another one today! Jay & Chloe - I stopped by early this morning and let Jay out for a potty break.  They'd both eaten all of their food so I fed them too.  I know I'm not scheduled to but I am going to pop in again this morning to let her out.... it'll make me feel better knowing that she doesn't have her legs crossed :)  The advantages of being so close!!

Allie & Tilly - Allie was ready for her breakfast this morning and Tilly just wanted my attention.  She kept getting tangled up in my feet when I was walking.

Amy & Romeo - I came in and fed them both but neither of them were around.  I had to go outside and call for Amy... she was in the yard at the fence.  I think the dog that lives back there was outside too.

Lo & Sprinkles - they have been eating well while you've been gone.  All of their canned and dry food was eaten this morning.  I refilled their bowls and played with them before I left.

Basil - Basil was ready to play this morning.  He was funny (although he still wanted to be pet too.)  I brushed him as well and he'd roll over from side to side so I didn't miss any spots.