Dog walking, dog and cat sitting on Mon 11/30

Gaylord & Finny - your boys are funny.  They were playing again this morning.  It is hilarious to watch them zooming around the yard.  I've been to see them twice so far today. Basil - Basil got a good brushing today and he loved it.  He was talking to me quite a bit... everytime I stopped. I think he was telling me to continue!

Brady & Ferguson - the boys look like they've grown.  They both peed and pooped and then of course, Fergi had to roll around in the grass.  It had been sprinkling a little so I got them out of the grass :)

Cleo - Cleo walked around the street and sniffed a little bit.  She thought she saw someone and her tail just started going but it was a screen that had ripped and was just blowing in the wind.  Poor girl she got her hopes up that she was going to see someone.

Max - Max was awake before I got to him today.  He went outside and peed.

Betty & Suzy - they loved their walk, as always.

Kim Hollis

Charlotte NC