Dog walking and kitty sitting on Tues 12/1

Gaylord & Finney - They were hilarious this morning.  It was early and cold out (so I had coffee!.)  We were out on the deck and they were chasing each other around.  There was a thin sheet of ice on the deck (I slipped a couple of times) and they were sliding all around.  It was funny!!  I stayed for awhile this morning, drank my coffee and started a new book.  I plan to put some time in on your swing this afternoon :)  3rd visit:  well, the sun had dropped too much (by 4pm) and I didn't have a sweatshirt so I didn't spend time on the swing.  I did hang out and read inside.  I also snatched a Kit Kat bar.... I'm not much into chocolate so they're really not that tempting but for some reason they looked good.  I didn't think you'd mind (you probably would prefer that I eat them all so you won't :))  Who likes all the sour candy, btw?? Basil likes getting brushed so much he even let me brush his head today.  Seriously, his head.  He didn't move.... loved it!!

Lucy - we went for a walk around the neighborhood and then I threw the ball for her.  It ended up getting lost in the ivy (we both looked for it and couldn't find it.)  She grabbed another one though and was content for me to throw that one!

Brad & Ferguson - Today is spent most of my time pulling things out of their mouths (mainly mulch) and the other half of the time watching them to make certain they didnt get the leashes tangled around themselves.  About halfway into the visit, they started playing hard.  Tackling each other, rolling over each other, biting, etc.  No one ever got mad but they were pretty agressive with each other.

Max - He was snoozing hard again today... on a pair of his dad's khaki shorts... that was funny.  He did get up and go outside to pee after I rubbed on his side for awhile.  (Maybe he's just playing me because he likes to be rubbed. :) )

Cleo - She wasn't much for walking today.  We went across the street and then she wanted to stand in the street and then we walked across the other street.  That was about it.  She did pee 2x.

Betty & Suzy - My goal today was to tire them out.  We walked and they did less sniffing than usual.  Suzy seemed tired... Betty could've kept going probably forever!

Dusty - Dusty was ready to go outside and pee.  He pooped to on our loop.

Kim Hollis

Charlotte NC