Dog walking and pet sitting on Wed 12/2

It's already raining.  My pants legs got soaked when I walked Sam & Buddy this morning.  I guess I'll be sporting my rain boots today. Well after my 1st round of afternoon walks, I am soaked.  So I have now changed my clothes for the 3rd time today.  I have 3 more walks and I'm hoping it lets up a little bit.... please :)

Gaylord & Finnegan - They went out this morning twice, actually 3 times.  This is the first time I hadn't gone outside and stood in the backyard with them (see above note about rain.)  :)  The last time I put them out, they just stood at the backdoor.  I think they had taken care of all of their business.  Gaylord wanted to be a lap dog this morning.  He jumped up in my lap and then I got kisses on my chin.

Brady & Ferguson - we were outside long enough for them to pee and poop.  Then we came in and they played with their red stuffed toy.  I spent most of my time pulling the stuffing out of their mouths.

Max - Max stayed outside longer than I thought he would've of.  He peed and then he did a little bit of sniffing.  I toweled him off when we got inside.

Cleo - I got a lot of kisses from Cleo today!  She walked more today than she did yesterday, silly girl.  What I can't explain is why she likes to walk down the middle of the street or just stand in the middle of the street for that matter.  Again, silly girl.

Betty & Suzy - Suzy went outside, peed and pooped and she was ready to turn back around towards the house.  Betty on the other hand would've walked 2 times (or more) around the block.   We only went once though.

Dusty - We walked about 1/2 of the loop.  It was raining pretty good.  I did towel him off before I took his leash off.