Dog walking and pet sitting on Thurs 12/3

What a great morning.... it is not raining and I thought is was supposed to be.  That was a very nice surprise!! Gaylord and Finney - well after our texts yesterday, when it wasn't raining this morning I thought I'd take the boys out for an early morning walk.  I had Gaylord at the door ready to go and Finney really, really wanted to go too.  So, I grabbed his collar and leash and decided to take them both at the same time.  2 things I learned:  they pull more when they're walked together and they will pee on each other :(  I learned both of these things pretty quickly.  Luckily, they have had good training (or you've put the fear of god in them) because with a little correction, they listen well and don't pull.  The peeing part was a little harder to manage.  After Gaylord peed on Finnegan (I think we'd not even gotten past your mailbox) I paid more attention and no one else got peed on.  I really don't think they care if they get peed on or not... several times GF could've gotten his head peed on if I'd not gotten him out of the way.  Luckily it was only Finney's back that got peed on and I washed him off when we got back to the house!  2nd & 3rd visits - pretty uneventful:  Gaylord cried when I came in (per usual!) and then he really sniffed me.  I think he'd like to meet Betty & Suzy (2 pits that I usually walk right before I come to your house.)  Finney pooped again... he poops a lot!

Brady & Ferguson - the boys were happy to be out, walking, running and playing.

Max - Max enjoyed the sunshine today.

Betty & Suzy - They were really good girls today on our walk.  They sure did a lot of sniffing.

Dusty - Dusty and I walked around the circle today.  As we got about halfway around, he started running.  I think he was ready for his dinner!