Dog walking on Fri 12/4

Gaylord & Finney - they are doing just fine.  Finney was whining... that was unusual and he was standing beside the couch.  I looked under it (along with a few dust bunnies :) ) there were 2 tennis balls.  I got them out and he was a happy boy! Max - Max was shivering today.... he's not a fan of the cold weather but he did go outside and pee.

Betty & Suzy - I tried to keep them out of the mud today.  There was utility work in your neighborhood yesterday and where they had dug was really muddy!

Maggie - Maggie was ready to go once I put the leash on her.  She took off but then she decided that she needed to stop and sniff me.  I'd been to see some dogs just before seeing her and I think she thought I smelled good!