Pet sitting on Saturday 12/5

Bay - I just love that name.  One to keep in mind for the future :)  She was laying on the carpet looking at the door when I came in this morning.  Waiting for you, I'm figured.  She did wag her tail and came over to me but then she got a little shy so I just took my time with her.  We did go outside and she peed and pooped.  I gave her a couple of milkbones and she was eating them when I left.  No howling upon my arrival either! Gaylord & Finnegan - I dont think Ive ever said Finnegan and Gaylord.... hmmm.  Anyway, they are doing just fine.  Finney had eaten all of his dinner from last night, Gaylord hadnt although he happily took the milkbone from me when I offered it and jumped up on the couch to eat it!