Jay Bird {south charlotte pet photographer}

Guess who I got to see yesterday and today: JAY!! Guess who is on cloud 9 now? This dog lover and pet photographer! I love Jay (affectionately referred to by me as Jay Bird.) I met her for the first time probably 5 years ago. She recently moved out of my service area so I don't get to see her anymore but she was visiting over the weekend and that meant I got to see her. It made my day!! Jay loves a tennis ball as much as any dog I've ever met. When I walked in the house last night, she greeted me at the door, said hi and sprinted to the back door. She was ready to play. She looked for a ball but we couldn't find one. I happen to have a few at my house so I brought her one this morning. She is hilarious when she has a tennis ball. She smiles her goofy smile that says she is happy as a clam. She loves to chase after the ball and she loves to play soccer with it. After 6 years of pet sitting, I have yet to meet another dog that plays soccer and entertains herself with a tennis ball like she does.

Btw, the ball was neon green when we started.


Jay Bird

Jay galloping through the yard with her ball

I really love her ears in this pic!

That looks says, are you going to throw the ball again?