Memorial Day Eve

Happy Memorial Day Eve. I think most of my clients are at the beach so I hope you are enjoying a cup of coffee overlooking the water and enjoying this beautiful May weather we are having. Here is a recap of my morning (or in some cases the last 24 hours.) Sweetie - She was really excited to see me yesterday morning. I can't recall the last time I saw her but I know I saw her last August or September. I know this because I'd just gotten my camera (so I'm guessing it was August.) She was one of the first if not the first dog I photographed and one of the shots I took of her is still one of my most favorites. I'll post it below. It was definitely beginner's luck because I really had no clue what I was doing.

Yesterday afternoon she was great to get up and go outside. She peed and even ran around some when she got a little burst of energy. Last night was a different story. She really did not want to get out of her bed. I tried to coax her with her leash and with food but she didn't want to get up. I knew I had to get her up so I semi-lifted her up and she did go out. She peed and then headed back for the house. She didn't eat her dinner. When I got there this morning, she got up right away and went out. I'm sure she needed to poop... she did and she peed too. She sprinted back to me too. :) She was eating her dinner that she never ate last night as I was leaving.

Memorial Day snoozing

Sweetie, picture taken August 2014

Ursa and Luna - Yesterday morning Ursa didn't want to eat the largest pill I'd giving her. I think it is the glucosomine pill for her joints so this morning, I broke it up into even smaller pieces and she ate it all. Yesterday, I got out more of her wet food and gave it to her that way. Luna was very happy to get her breakfast this morning, of course :)

Memorial Day pet sitter

Memorial Day pet sitting

Sparky - Sparky ate her breakfast and then went running outside to check out the yard. She played a little bit with her stuffed monkey too.

Sparky just chillin this morning in the yard

Cloud - She greeted me as I came in. I loved on her, fed her, scooped her box and after she ate a little bit, I loved on her some more. She was very clear, that was what she wanted!

Cloud and her beautiful markings